There are many wonderful opportunities that the Internet has offered to the world. Among these is the ability to use social media as a communication platform. It has become so popular that it is a term that is easily recognised by both the young and older generations breaking all barriers of race, caste, religion, and gender.

It has become so common that there are now a variety of platforms that can be used for socialising. Of course, these include Facebook and the (in)famous Twitter, but there are others as well. All of these have much in common but also have their own unique characteristics.

Social media can be used for a variety of different reasons but the main purpose is for connecting individuals or groups with each other. It is a wonderful form of communication.

Many people cannot imagine a life without being able to access Facebook, but in reality, it has only been around since 2005. As with anything, there can be some bad effects, like perhaps becoming so obsessed with it that every available moment is spent on one of the social media platforms. The good far outweighs the bad though.

Being in Touch

One of the greatest features of social media is the ability to be in touch with other like-minded individuals. There are always individuals who are ready, willing and able to become friends.

For Business

Although most social media sites have stringent rules for doing business on their platforms, there are still plenty of opportunities to do so. This is not a bad thing as it allows those who are socialising to stay in touch with what businesses and brands have to offer. It is a great and information-rich platform.


Not only do social media sites allow for easy access to build relationships with others, it allows people to share their thoughts and experiences. The Internet has provided many opportunities through social media.